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Welcome to the FAQ page.
Here you will find answers to some of the most common 
questions about EXAI Website Builder.
The questions are listed by type. If you cannot find the answer to your question below,
please submit a ticket here
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The app allows the user to turn his or her Facebook page into a real website that contains the contents the user has on Facebook, all at the touch of a button, in minutes and for free.
The app is for anyone who has always thought of creating a website as too expensive, complicated or scary, and so only invested in creating a Facebook page. It can be an SMB and it can be a private person. From now on – there is no need to hesitate. Just click the button and make yourself a website.
The reason is simple – to increase your online exposure. There is a whole world outside of Facebook that you simply miss out on if you do not have your own website. Once you have your own site – more people are exposed to your information (customers, friends and family, etc.) More than that - Googel is not scanning the facebook pages and that’s why your business data will not come up in google search while an independent site will allow google to show your business.
Certainly. Once you have chosen the website you like best, you can enter the website's Content Management System (CMS) – edit the automatically generated content and add as much content as you'd like..
You certainly can. However, in order to do so, you would have to upgrade your account, become a premium customer (at a nominal cost of only a few dollars a month), and then you will be able to change the design as much as you'd like.
There is no catch. The free site is a sub-domain of EXAI's domain (e.g. www.aaaaa.exai.com). Also – you can add and edit content on the free site, but you cannot change the design (colors and backgrounds). If you want your website to be on your own domain (e.g. www.aaaaa.com), or if you want design capabilities – you will need to upgrade your account and become a premium customer at a cost of a few dollars a month.
It's very simple – go to management system of your site, click on the upgrade button at the top right, choose your preferred plan (one month, three months, six months, a year or two years) and pay.
Please check how many pictures you have on your Facebook page that are really yours and how many pictures are ones that you are tagged in. We only use pictures that are really yours. Don't forget that you can, within your site's management system, replace the existing pictures with whichever ones you want.
If you have not yet used the editor for any of the pages shown, you can simply click on the web browser’s “Back” button, and you will be directed to the “start” window in which you can start the sites creation process all over again. Please note that you can choose the option of choosing your website layout on your own. If you click this option, you will be shown many templates from which you can choose your website’s layout and start editing your site contents
Certainly. The site created is a new site of EXAI and is not related to any other site, if one exists.
Great question. The next version, which will come out in a few weeks, will support the ability to synchronize your Facebook page with the website you created.
To get the most out of your site, you'll want to promote it in search engines so that it will appear at the highest possible position. For this you need your website to be on your own domain (not under EXAI's domain), and therefore it is highly recommended that you upgrade your account, become a premium customer and get your own domain. In addition, the ability to fully control the design of the website is available only to premium customers.
No. Your Facebook page remains unchanged.
Once you have published a website using a certain Facebook account, you will not be able to reuse the account for creating another website.
Please open a ticket with our Customer Support helpdesk, state your site URL and the new sub-domain that you would like to use, and we will do it for you. We will notify you once the change has been made and send you a link

CMS - Content Management System – (Site Editor)

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Content Editing
How do I enter the Content Management System to edit my website?
Click on the “webmasters” link at the bottom of the page in the site’s footer area. In the login screen that will open, insert your username and password and click the login button.
How do I add and edit pictures?
Please see this video tutorial for more details.
How do i add a flash item?
A-Drag and drop the flash item form the left side and place it in the desired place. Note: This item is not resizeable.
B-For resizeable flash item - Please see the following link.
How do I add a content Item to my website?
Select an item from the items menu located on the left side of the Content Management System, left click on it with your mouse and drag it to the page.
How can I edit items?
Click on the item located on the page or hover over the item with the mouse to view the edit options at the top right side of the item.
Can I duplicate items? (Copy and paste)
Yes. All you have to do is hover over the item with your mouse and click the “Cut” or “Copy” icons. The item will appear in the clipboard at the left of the site builder, and you will be able to drag it to your location of choice.
How to upload a few images simultaneously to a gallery item?
Instead of uploading one image at a time, when editing a gallery item click on “images” and then on the “Upload” button on the bottom of the window that opens. Now you can choose from your computer all the pictures that you want to upload to the gallery and upload them all at once.
Once I have deleted an item, is there any way to restore it?
All deleted items are moved to the site builder recycle bin. If you want to restore a deleted item simply drag it from the recycle bin (on the left) back onto your site.
Why can’t I edit my pages titles?
In order to edit your pages, click on “My Pages” at the top of the editor, hover with your mouse over the page title that you wish to edit, and click on the pencil (edit) icon that appears.
How do i change the site-map that appears at the bottom of the website?
You can manage your pages by clicking the “Settings” icon at the top left corner of the site builder, and then “Page Settings”. Now you can change the names of the pages, add/delete pages, change pages order, and more. The changes will appear in your site map.
My Pages
How do I add a Category?
Go to the “My Pages” tab and drag the category icon from the left side to the desired menu (top/side). Then point the page to the page/address you would like.
Please see this Video for more details
How can I add a side menu?
You need to drag the “Vertical Menu” icon from the items menu and place it at the side bar. Next, go to the “My Pages” tab and drag the categories to the “placeholder” created.
Can I upload videos to my website?
You cannot upload videos but you can add videos from YouTube or Vimeo using the “Video” item.
How can I navigate between different pages for editing purposes?
Click on “Page Navigation” and navigate to the page that you wish to edit by simply clicking its title. In order to edit the page, click on “Content”.
How do I change the layout of the site? (the number of content areas)
Go to design -> Layout and select the layout you would like to use from the thumbnails.
How do I upload my own background image?
Go to Design -> select the layer you would like to set as a background from the thumbnails. Once you select a background, you will see “tools” on the right side that you can use to set the background color and image.
How do I change the text style?
Go to design -> select the layer you would like to change the text style of from the thumbnails. Then select the “T” from the tools and set the text style for each and every area of the site.
How can I change the page alignment?(right to left or left to right)
Click the settings icon at the top left corner of the site builder, then click “Page Settings”. Choose the desired page and check the language box. Now you can choose the language you are using and the alignment will be made automatically if necessary.
How do I change the menu theme and design properties?
In “Edit mode” mode, click the menu item. Choose a theme by clicking on “Gallery”. In order to edit the design properties, click “Advanced”.
How can I apply a unique design to my homepage, different from my other pages?
Click on “Design” at the top of the editor window, then choose “Layout”. Mark the “different master page for home page” checkbox and you’re ready to go!
Can I Change the website’s overall width and the width of its columns?
Yes. To do so, go to Design editing mode and drag the edges of the columns and layers. You can also click “Layout” and choose from pre-determined widths.
Why does my background end before the end of the page?
This might happen because you used an image for the background which is not long enough. You can duplicate the image instead of leaving an empty background as follows: Go to Design -> click on the “Page layer”, then on “background image”. Finally, click on the “Vertical Tile” type.
SEO and Googel Related
Where can I control the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters?
To change Search Engine Optimization (SEO) parameters, click the settings icon at the top left of the site builder, and then click “Page Settings”. In Edit mode – click the settings icon at the top left and go to “Page Settings”, where you can control SEO features.
Can I insert Google Analytics?
Yes. Click the settings icon at the top left and go to “Website Settings”. Then click on “Advanced Settings” and paste your Analytics code where it says “Head Scripts”.
Can I use the Google Verification Method?
Yes. In Edit mode, click the settings icon at the top left and go to “Website settings” – then click on “Advanced Settings” and in the “Verification” you can use either a tag verification or upload the html verification file.
Can I add a Google map?
To add a Google map to your website, go to “Content” editing mode and drag the map icon to your location of choice. Click the map to edit the address, define the map’s zoom level and choose its type (satellite, map, etc.).
How can I change my site name appearance on the browser tab header?(Title)
Simply click on “settings” (chain wheel icon at the top left corner of the editor) and choose “website settings”. At the pop-up window, change the Name field under the “website settings” section on the right side of the window, to the name that you’d like to appear on the browser tab heading, then click “done”. Refresh your browser to see the changes that you’ve made
How do I save my website?
The website is saved automatically
How can I view the final website?
Click on the ”Preview” button which is at the top right corner of the editor.
How to add an Online store / eCommerce to my website?
EXAI’s website builder does not Currently have this option.
How to create password protected pages in my website?
EXAI’s website builder does not Currently have this option.
Why do I get the message “Cannot change editor mode while inside a sub editor”?
You must exit the sub editor in order to continue working. Click on the “Done” button on the top right corner of the page.
How can I change the URL address for a certain page?
In Edit mode – click the settings icon at the top left and go to “Page Settings”, where you will see “path” – this is where you may change the URL.
How Can I upload a Favicon?
In Edit mode - click the settings icon at the top left and go to “Website settings” – then under “General Settings”->”Website settings” you will find the “Favicon” place to upload it.
Where will requests submitted through a “contact us” item be sent to?
When editing the “Contact Us” item, you can set an email address to which all contact requests should be sent. For your convenience, you can also specify the subject of these email requests.
Please see the following link
How can I adjust the photos change rate in a photo gallery?
In Edit mode, click on the gallery or on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the gallery. Gallery editing options will appear at the top of the editor window. Slide the Interval bar to the left or to the right in order to adjust photos change rate.
How to add a blog to my website?
EXAI’s website builder does not currently have this option.


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I can’t remember my password. How can I edit my site?
Yes. When you enter your account, click the “All Websites” tab. Click the “Clone” button positioned next to the relevant site in order to create a copy of the site.
Can I clone a website?
Yes. When you enter your account and go to All Websites, next to each site you will see a “clone” button you can click to create a copy of the site.
How do I assign a client to a website?
Go to “All Clients” tab and create a new client. Next, enter the “All Websites” tab and click the “Technical” button positioned next to the desired website. Now you can choose a client from the “Client Name” drop down menu in order to assign the site to this specific client.
How do I add my own domain to the site?
From the “All Websites” tab Click the “Technical” button positioned next to the desired site, add your domain (name including “www”) under “domains”. Set your domains to “Custom” from the drop-down menu below, click “add” and set it to “main”. If the domain redirects, you will see a green mark. If it does NOT redirect, you will see a red X until it does.
How can I delete a website?
From the “All Websites” tab Click the “Technical” button. At the bottom left side, you will see the “delete website” link. Please note: a published site will turn to “unpublished” mode but cannot be deleted.

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